Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Michelle Obama Covers the New Yorker, Again.

So, the New Yorker has decided put First Lady Michelle Obama on the cover once again. To be fair, she was not the First Lady when they released the controversial cover that depicted her as a militant, rifle toting, afro wearing, fist bumping, America hating future first lady. This time around F.L. Michelle Obama is walking the runway, donning a smile and looking rather fabulous, the way a First Lady should right? I noticed all three illustrations show her with her arms covered, I guess all of the hubbub about her baring those perfectly toned arms got to the folks over at there at the NY'er, but I digress. What do you think about the cover? Does it depict Michelle Obama as the intelligent, educated, hard working wife and mother that she is or does it instead reduce her to a fashion plate and will we ever be satisfied with the way the mainstream media depicts the first ever African American First Lady? Although I will not be picking up a copy of the New Yorker, I will be heading to the bookstore soon to pick up a copy of O Magazine featuring two of the most powerful African American women in the world on the cover. Can't wait!!!

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