Thursday, October 7, 2010

Act Your Wage!

...just one of the valuable pieces of advice offered this morning by author and financial adviser, Gail Perry Mason this morning on Cocoa Mode with Shawna Renee. She also shared a fabulous list of websites and resources for those wanting to save/manage/make money. If you missed the show you can tune into the replay on Saturday, October 9th at 4:00pm and again on Sunday, October 10th at 9:00am. If you don't have XM Satellite Radio, get it, until then you can download a free podcasts of past shows from the Cocoa Mode website and i tunes.

If you have a question for Gail Perry Mason or if you would like to find out more about her books and seminars, visit her website.

Here are some of the websites worth checking out: -

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ICYMI: Single Woman + Pregnancy = Curse

This, according to some who support Christelyn D. Karazin's No Wedding No Womb movement. I invited Christelyn to explain why she felt it was time for her to do something about the alarming rate of young African American single mothers and what she hopes will be the eventual outcome of the movement. She also address the criticism she's received from those who question her motive and method.

If you interested in learning more about the No Wedding No Womb movement, visit her website,

Original air date: September 20, 2010