Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is obesity a criminal offense?

A South Carolina court will decide if the mother of a 555lb young man should go to jail for allowing her child to gain so much weight. Jerri Gray has been charged with criminal neglect. She has said that she's done everything she can to help her son loose weight but he keeps finding ways to get food from other sources. Some are wondering if this is a case of neglect or a case of too little information. Anyone who's been in an inner city grocery store knows that the choices of healthy foods are far and few between, while there's no shortage of processed and high fat foods. I know first had how difficult it is to get inner city stores to stock healthy choices - never mind fresh produce. The last time I asked the manager of my local grocery store for a box of veggie burgers she looked at me like I'd asked her for a package of pig ears. No, I take that back, they actually HAD pigs ears, just not veggie burgers. Tune in this Thursday at 8:00am ET to Cocoa Mode in the Eagles Nest to share your thoughts. 1-866-801-8255.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

This Week on Cocoa Mode

Actor Erik Todd Dellums is working to recognize August 29th (MJ's Birthday) as a National Day of Peace, Unity and Artistry. Tune in to my conversation with Erik this morning. In the meantime, join the movement by loging on to the Facebook page dedicated to the movement. Cocoa Mode in the Eagle's Nest. 8:00am ET on XM 169 and WOL-AM 1450