Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In Case You Missed It...

After weeks of trying, I finally got around to seeing Chris Rock's latest film, Good Hair. The 90 minute documentary attempts to uncover the real reason Black women will do "anything" for the pursuit of "Good Hair". Of course, this is a Chris Rock production so it is as much about getting a laugh as it is about exploring the roots of the truly complex relationship between a black woman and her hair.

I invited two of my favorite bloggers/writers Patrice Grell Yursik of Afrobella.com and Deanna Sutton of Clutch Magazine to discuss their reaction to the movie and what Black women across the country are saying about Good Hair.

Click here to listen.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's Talk About It....

I can't lie, I was a little taken back by the news that Hampton University had crowned it's first non-African American queen. After reading the full story and talking to a few of my fellow HBCU alumni, I realized that this story is much deeper than we realize. Join me along with my guests, former Hampton University SGA president Darrian Mack and former student and VP of EMQTV.com, Erin Young on Thursday morning at 8:00am ET for a in depth discussion on what Nickole Churchill's crown means not only for Black College queens but for the future of all HBCU's in America.