Saturday, January 31, 2009

This week on Cocoa Mode

I can not WAIT to see Chris Rocks' latest movie, HAIR. The low-budget documentary traces the growth of the multi-billion dollar industry "rooted" in the maintenance of African-American hair and it's place in African American culture.

Here's a clip of Chris Rock talking about HAIR.

This week on Cocoa Mode in the Eagles Nest we'll talk to Ronnie and Lamar Tyler, authors of about the movie, plus we'll dish about the latest development in the" Michelle Obama should have worn a Black designer debate", kids and computers and the dangers of social networking. Finally, I'll open the lines for you to discuss the latest PETA ad that some television networks have called "too hot for tv" (kiddies close your eyes)

We'll also be taking your calls at 1-866-801-8255.

It's the Cocoa Mode Roundtable on Cocoa Mode in the Eagles Nest, Thursday at 8:00am ET.

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