Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Case You MIssed It....

Here's a link to Mike McQuerry's suggestions for this weekend's inauguration events. Feel free to use the comments section below to promote your event. Also, I want to know if you're planning to take your children down to the official swearing in on Capitol Hill.

EDIT: I just received this link from a listener who confirmed that strollers will be allowed on the Mall in the un-ticketed areas. HALLELUJAH!!

"Backpacks and strollers will be permitted in the unticketed sections of the National Mall west of Fourth Street, but they are being strongly discouraged. The restriction on those items, along with thermoses, coolers, umbrellas and laser pointers, applies in ticketed parade-route and swearing-in areas and at the balls. In ticketed areas, cameras are permitted but tripods are not. Don't bring posters or placards bigger than 18 inches square." (Thanks Latoya!)

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Cocoa AKA Shawna Renee said...

Hey it's Shawna.
Just wanted to share another email I received from a listener who will be participating in the parade on Tuesday. If you want information on how you can donate, email me and I'll pass along the number.

From Brad:
What I was calling for was to give a little shout out to my group Urban 15
( We are one of only two Texas groups invited to play in
the inauguration parade on Tuesday!

We are an Afro-Brazilian Samba Group, including festive costumes, lights and
Surdo drums. I'm sure we'll be the most unique group in the parade. We are
#72 in the line up so look out for us.

This year's invites did not include funds so we have been able to raise 46K
toward our trip over the last month, but still need about 10k-- we'll get
there though. We've been running a "Yes we Can" campaign, no amount is too