Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In Case You Missed It: Black and Single? Blame the Church.

Original air date: June 24, 2010

In her article, The Black Church: How Black Churches Keep African American Women Single and Lonely, relationship expert Debborah Cooper presents a myriad of reasons why she thinks black women who are looking for love in the pews are wasting their time. She writes, that aside from the fact most eligible black men are NOT in church, the institution itself relies on the support of single women, therefore it discourages them to create a life outside of the church and thus put them in a prime position to meet a mate elsewhere.

Men and women from all over the country called in to share their experience plus Lamar and Ronnie Tyler from Black and Married with Kids joined us for the relationship round-table to share what their readers have to say.

You can read Debborah Cooper's article here.

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