Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This Week on Cocoa Mode

On Sunday, thousands of immigrants, mostly Mexican, gathered on the national mall to demand the Obama administration get to work on Immigration reform. Among the protesters were a group of African American college students who stood in solidarity with their brown brothers and sisters, forcing many to ask if there's a common ground between the African American and Immigrant experience that needs to be explored and cultivated?

Speaking of Mexico, the crime in the northern border towns is out of control. According to reports, the drug cartels are terrorizing folks to no end. There's no doubt that money and greed are behind the madness, but some members of the Mexican congress also believe musicians and film-makers are to blame. Lawmakers have asked the Mexican government to consider making it a criminal offense to record or perform songs that glorify violence, drugs or trafficking. Hmmm, wonder if that would fly north of the boarder. We'll talk about it,


Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, creators of Black and Married with Children return to discuss their new movie, You Saved Me, plus we'll discuss how the founders of Black Marriage Day are trying to change the perceptions of Black love and family for the better. Tune into The State of Black Marriage on Cocoa Mode Thursday at 8:30am ET.

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