Thursday, February 25, 2010

...and we're still together!

Remember this sketch from In Living Color? It's what first came to mind after reading the story of Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher of North Carolina. They hold the World Record for the longest marriage of two living people. They've been married for 85 years! Both are over 100 years old and admit that it hasn't always been easy but for them marriage was "till death do us part" - though Mr Fisher says "I did not know it would be as long as it is now". What I especially like about these two is that they've managed to maintain a sense of independence despite being together for so long. They attend different churches and I assume they both probably have their own hobbies and interests. Could that be the key to a lasting marriage? Or, maybe it's a matter of pure dedication and loyalty or perhaps, as they say, it's God. We'll find out what really takes to make marriage last this morning when I sit down with Ronnie and Lamar Tyler from Black and Married with Kids and open of the phone lines for the elders. If you've been married 30+ years we want to hear from you. 1-866-801-8255. See you on the radio.

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